There’s an increasing trend in Australian businesses to sponsor top foreign talent, there’s many good reasons for this. One bottleneck that business often face is the complex regulations around getting visa’s approved for their staff. Most businesses that opt to do the process themselves do so because they believe that they will save money. In this blog we’ll go through the top 3 reasons you should actually go through a migration agent.

Be sure that all requirements and regulations are interpreted correctly

The regulations and procedures which govern immigration are complex and change frequently. A migration agent can help navigate the process, ensuring accuracy and compliance with the most current rules and processes. Any misinterpretations of immigration requirements and procedures can have potentially serious consequences, not only in terms of financial costs but also in terms of affecting the people involved. Using a certified migration agent from the outset will ensure you avoid costly mistakes.

Identifying risk factors which affect your business as a whole and eliminate potential compliance issues

Businesses face challenges when it comes to employing foreign talent. Unfortunately, immigration requirements and sponsor responsibilities are not easily laid out for different businesses and industry areas. This is where the knowledge of a migration agent is essential. Drawing on their experience and familiarity with migration law, a migration agent will be able to recognise the risks that most affect your business. That way, non-compliance issues are unlikely to occur.


Once you’ve made the decision to recruit employees from overseas, it’s important that the promise goes smoothly and as quickly as possible. Migration agents are efficient and dedicated to the task of managing your immigration needs. Their specialised focus means they will be on top of all of the tasks that need to be completed and in touch with the latest updates for your case. Migration agents bring valuable expertise to the immigration process, knowing the ins-and-outs of the system intimately as well as the knowledge that only comes from having been through the procedure many times before.

Need help?

Hiring employees from overseas can open up your business to top international talent looking to work in Australia. Using a migration agent is both efficient and ensures that requirements, regulations and risk factors are mitigated. Contact us to speak with our Migration agent today.