Performance standards outline the inherent expectations of an employee’s role. Ensuring you have clearly defined performance standards is only the tip of the iceberg. Standards and expectations also need to be regularly reinforced throughout an employee’s tenure.


Defining Standards of Performance

Standards of performance, in order to be effective, must be clearly defined and promoted to the employee. There are various ways that such standards can be set out to the employee, these include but are not limited to: their contract of employment, job/position descriptions, and setting a professional development plan (PDP) developed with the employee’s manager to promote growth and the achievement of goals.


Reinforcing Expectations of Performance

Actively reinforcing performance standards is crucial to ensuring your employees understand their role and can view their contribution to overall company goals, values, and objectives.

Performance expectations can actively be reinforced throughout an employee’s tenure through several different ways. Expectations of performance can be reinforced through the organisations onboarding, recruitment and induction process, ongoing training and support, regular feedback and coaching, probationary reviews and appropriately defined management and reporting lines.

Possibly the most important way an employer or manager can reinforce performance standards, is through regular feedback and coaching. Effective and timely feedback allows an employee to gain an insight into how they are performing against their set performance standards and ultimately, how the employee can improve moving forward. When done right, feedback can seek to engage and motivate employees, communication, communication, communication!

Similar to feedback and coaching, ongoing training is also a crucial way employers can reinforce expectations of performance. Ensuring your employees have the right skills, experience and education required to perform their role will not only motivate employees to achieve their goals but will build confidence in their abilities to accurately execute their inherent requirements.


The Importance of Performance Standards

Performance standards are pertinent to a successful performance management process within your business. Such performance standards set an objective basis for review.

Clear, regularly communicated, and achievable performance standards are critical to measuring success. Without performance standards and clear performance expectations, employees will lack guidance in their role. Employees will ultimately not understand how their performance contributes to overall company success which may impact the employee’s motivation. An employee who lacks motivation will be less likely to take pride in their work and could result in higher levels of absenteeism, decreased loyalty to the organisation and increased turnover, all of which may effectively result in a waste of organisation time and resources.

Keep in mind while most methods of reinforcing performance expectations will have a significant impact on your employee’s ability to meet and exceed their goals, there is no one size fits all approach. How you as an employer chose to define and reinforce employee performance standards will need to be curated to specific organisational needs.



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