HR (Human Resources) Automation is the process of utilising HR software to automate and streamline repetitive, time-consuming, and complicated manual HR processes. Digitalising these processes will not only improve efficiency, security, and accuracy within your HR operation but will also free up your HR professionals to focus on more strategic and impactful HR initiatives.

Although the idea of automating HR processes may seem daunting, chances are that you are already using HR automation in one way or another. If you are using an online platform to post your job ads or processing and calculating your payroll with the help of a payroll software system, you are already using HR Automation within your organisation.

HR automation can start with well-known and widely used processes like the above and can increase into more complex and multifaceted automation.


Employee Onboarding and Off-Boarding

Employee experience starts from the moment a new employee begins their onboarding process. A professional and easy-to-use onboarding experience can set the tone for your organisation’s culture and processes. HR automation in the way of paperless onboarding and off-boarding creates a seamless process for both the employee and the HR team and significantly minimises the chances of human error associated with manual data entry. Employee agreements (finalised with electronic signatures), job descriptions, tax and super details, policies, and employee certifications can all be securely stored within an HR software system with the assistance of HR automation.


Certification and Qualification Compliance

With the ever-changing compliance laws around qualifications in certain industries, it is essential for organisations to be across their employees’ statuses on licenses, certificates, qualifications, and other essential documentation. An HR system that can store documents, track and notify you of expiry dates and report on outstanding credentials is crucial in keeping a compliant and safe workplace.


Learning and Development

Online L&D platforms empower employees to take ownership for their own learning and complete assigned courses at their own pace. With this automation, organisations can easily allocate courses to employees and have full access to how they are tracking. Utilising an eLearning platform allows for learning courses to be made up of a variety of mediums such as videos and interactive quizzes.


Visa Checks

Keeping across the working rights and visa conditions of your employees is a vital HR obligation and is often a highly manual and tedious process. Choosing an HR system that allows you to complete and store your employee’s VEVO (Visa Entitlement Verification Online) checks is key in ensuring your organisation remains compliant. Better yet, a system that allows you to automate notifications around upcoming visa expiry dates and renewals will ensure you are managing your employee’s working rights effectively.


Online Timesheet and Roster Management

Roster management is notoriously an extremely manual and time-consuming process. With HR automation, rosters can be created within minutes and sent to employees instantly. Many systems will allow employees to accept, reject or swap their assigned shifts with others and automatically send reminders and notifications about upcoming shifts. HR automation also allows for digital timesheets to be created, submitted, and approved online, completely removing the need for manual admin and day-to-day HR interference.


Employee Performance Tracking

Using an automated online performance evaluation system will allow you to develop performance review templates with custom rating scales and gain instant access to your company’s performance insights. This will not only save HR teams ample admin time but will ensure your employee performance tracking processes are streamlined, accurate and fair across the whole organisation. Online feedback tools allow for instant meaningful conversations between employees and managers, encourage a culture of feedback, and can improve employee engagement.


Employee Surveys

Gaining insights into employee experience and engagement is a seamless process when using online surveys and questionnaires. By using HR automation, organisations can quickly and easily gather employee feedback and collate results in spreadsheet and report formats. More sophisticated automations will also allow for custom template creation, anonymous feedback threads and response via multiple choice.


Employee Reward and Recognition

Creating an online outlet for public recognition will drive a workplace culture that fosters appreciation and achievement and increases employee engagement. Automation within the reward and recognition space will allow you to schedule employee milestones such as birthdays, work anniversaries and any other announcements and reward employees instantly both monetarily and via shout outs and peer to peer recognition channels.


Aspects of HR that are transactional in nature are ideal candidates for automation. If concerns arise about how HR automation could completely disrupt the workforce as we know it, it is important to remember that computers and technology cannot replace the human element of HR. The notion of HR automation minimises time spent on HR administration to allow for the strengthening of the human element of HR. HR practices that involve critical thinking, emotional engagement, innovation and creativity cannot be replaced by software, computers or robots.

As HR automation reduces human intervention in certain aspects, it is imperative for organisations to drive this human aspect back into other areas such as training, learning and development, employee experience and organisational culture. With the use of strategic automation, HR teams can use the insights provided to be proactive in their HR strategy, identify business processes that aren’t working as intended and improve existing procedures.



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