As discussed in our earlier blog article, the Fair Work Commission handed down a decision to introduce a “casual conversion clause” into 84 modern awards which took effect on 1st October 2018.

The new casual conversion clause provides casual employees with the right to request conversion to permanent employment if they worked a regular pattern of hours in the preceding 12 months which, without significant adjustment, could continue to be performed as a full-time or part-time employee in accordance with the provisions of the relevant modern award.

Act now

Employers covered by one of the 84 modern awards will need to provide a copy of the clause to all casual employees within the first 12 months of their employment. However, for casual employees who were already employed on the 1st of October 2018, employers will need to provide a copy of the clause by 1st January 2019 which is fast approaching!

Unsure where to find the clause?

Employers should check the applicable modern award (which can be found on the Fair Work Commission website) under the “casual employment” or “types of employment” provisions for the casual conversion clause. Employers can meet their obligation by simply copy pasting the relevant clause into a document and providing a copy of the clause to their casual employees.

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