As detailed in our previous article, the law has recently (significantly) changed regarding casual employment. We also recently held a webinar on the new laws for casual employees and what employers need to know.


Join Simon Obee & Brooke McMahon at 11:00 am on Tuesday 13 April for our "New Laws for Casual Employees - What Employers Need To Know" webinar!


One of the most important new obligations on employers concerns “converting” certain casual employees to permanent (full-time or part-time) employment.


Importantly, non-small business employers (those with 15 of more employees) only have until 26 September 2021 to inform all casual employees (that were employed by the business on or before 27 March 2021) whether or not they are eligible to convert. This notification must be made in writing in a prescribed format. Practically speaking employers should comply with these obligations well in advance of 26 September 2021 to give themselves adequate time to discuss matters with employees and get the relevant documentation in place.


There are separate obligations than will apply to non-small business employers from 27 September 2012 onwards regarding offering conversion to casual employees who have been employed for 12 months, with at least 6 months on a regular basis.


For small business employers (those with less than 15 employees) the new obligation is to consider requests for conversion from casual employees who have at least 12 months of employment (with at least the last 6 months worked on a regular basis).


The new laws are complex, but we have produced a free guide on the conversion process, which includes handy flowcharts to take you through your obligations step by step.


Understanding the new obligations for employers and laws for managing Casual Employees with Employment Innovations' free resource; Casual Conversion Guide.


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