As part of its “four-yearly review” of all modern awards, the Fair Work Commission is in the process of updating a number of awards.

A number of awards have been updated with minor amendments commencing on the first pay period after 13 April 2020 these are:

Aboriginal Health Award Airport Award
Educational Services (Post-Secondary) Award Higher Education Academic Staff Award
Hydrocarbons Field Geologists Award Models Award
Offshore Oil and Gas Award Passenger Vehicle Award
Professional Diving (Industrial) Award Professional Diving (Recreational) Award
Stevedoring Award


What is changing?

The intention of the redraft was to clarify, rather than change, the meaning of the awards – so it is unlikely that most employers will need to anything differently.

The Fair Work Commission previously provided links to the amended versions of all the awards that are changing in “track changes” (see below). However, as these were only draft versions of the amended awards, employers should rely on the final versions of the awards, rather than the “track changes” drafts.


Changes to Awards in Track Changes

Award title Tracked changes version
Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services Award MA000115
Airline Operations — Ground Staff Award MA000048
Air Pilots Award MA000046
Airport Employees Award MA000049
Alpine Resorts Award MA000092
Architects Award MA000079
Asphalt Industry Award MA000054
Cleaning Services Award MA000022
Clerks—Private Sector Award MA000002
Commercial Sales Award MA000083
Concrete Products Award MA000056
Contract Call Centres Award MA000023
Educational Services (Schools) General Staff Award MA000076
Educational Services (Post-Secondary Education) Award MA000075
Dry Cleaning and Laundry Industry Award MA000096
Gas Industry Award MA000061
Higher Education Industry — Academic Staff — Award MA000006
Higher Education Industry — General Staff — Award MA000007
Hospitality Industry (General) Award MA000009
Hydrocarbons Field Geologists Award MA000064
Labour Market Assistance Industry Award MA000099
Local Government Industry Award MA000112
Mannequins and Models Award MA000117
Manufacturing and Associated Industries and Occupations Award MA000010
Maritime Offshore Oil and Gas Award MA000086
Meat Industry Award MA000059
Pastoral Award MA000035
Passenger Vehicle Transportation Award MA000063
Pharmaceutical Industry Award MA000069
Poultry Processing Award MA000074
Professional Diving Industry (Industrial) Award MA000108
Professional Diving Industry (Recreational) Award MA000109
Rail Industry Award MA000015
Restaurant Industry Award MA000119
Road Transport (Long Distance Operations) Award MA000039
Road Transport and Distribution Award MA000038
Stevedoring Industry Award MA000053
Storage Services and Wholesale Award MA000084
Transport (Cash in Transit) Award MA000042
Vehicle Manufacturing, Repair, Services and Retail Award MA000089
Waste Management Award MA000043

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