The coronavirus pandemic has forced many businesses to rethink their operations and transition to working from home as a temporary measure.

Employment Innovations has encouraged working from home or flexible working arrangements with our staff for some time now, however, we believe that the current business conditions have created the “world’s largest remote working experiment” and we want to help other Australian businesses adapt to these changes quickly.


What do employers need to consider; temporary working from home?

This dramatic change to the business as usual (BAU) working environment, requires adjustment to the way leaders remain across their remote workforce and how your employees keep in touch and collaborate with each other.

Did you know?
Employers and persons conducting a business or undertaking (PCBU) have the same health and safety responsibilities for any employees who are working remotely, as they do in their usual work environment?

In addition to ensuring your business has effective communication strategies in place, you need to also consider the work environment your employees have set up at home for themselves, and if there are the correct control measures in place to protect them.


Download your free employer’s guide to temporary working from home

Employment Innovations Free Download | An Employer's Guide to Temporary Working From Home during the coronavirus pandemic


So what’s in the employer’s guide to temporary working from home?

From our experience in remote working practices, we’ve prepared the following guide for employers on temporary working from home to help businesses get their employees set up correctly for remote working and ensure that it is a positive, productive and safe experience.

We touch on a few topics for consideration including;

  • Equipment and setup,
  • Home office hazards to look out for,
  • Strategies to combat fatigue,
  • Psychological health considerations.


Download: Employer's Guide to Temporary Working From Home


What else should your business consider?

You may also want to consider implementing the following policies and templates to ensure your staff are aware of their rights and obligations;

Coronavirus Workplace Policy template

Remote Working or Working From Home Policy template

Employment Innovations | Working From Home checklist template


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