This week, Employment Innovations premier HR software partner, Employment Hero, launched their suite of “employee focused” features that level the playing field for small to medium businesses. These four new resources, collectively called WorkLife, deliver attractive savings and benefits to employees and help smaller organisations to be more competitive with their employee offering. Employment Hero has leveraged the buying power of its 100,000 users to bring about significant savings for employees and unique resources to improve their mental, physical and financial wellness. The four components of WorkLife are Savings Hero, Hero Shop, Life and Instapay.

Savings Hero

Savings Hero is a real-time savings dashboard to help set up your employees for financial success. Through the Employment Hero platform, employees can create saving goals and track their saving progress towards things that may previously have been out of reach (e.g. a new car, holiday, deposit for a property, special life event etc.).

Hero Shop

Hero Shop provides your employees with everyday savings and “hot deals” on everything from groceries, petrol and home appliances to entertainment and tools. With a 5% savings at Coles and Woolworths, employees who spend an average of $200/week on food, can save themselves more than $500 a year.

Life Hero

Life Hero is a content hub for your employees to help improve their mental and physical wellbeing and financial literacy so they are more productive and focused at work.


Instapay is the real game-changer in the suite and an Australian-first offering. It’s a fully automated pay-advance system which gives your employees access to their earned wages (hours already worked) before their payday. Instapay aims to reduce the number of Australians relying on payday loans and credit cards to meet financial commitments. Employees can access up to $250 a week for a $2 fee. For employers, there are no charges or paperwork involved. The whole process is managed and covered by Employment Hero.

We already have Employment Hero in our business. What next?

If you already have Employment Hero’s HR software in your business coupled with EI’s payroll solutions you and your employees will now have access to all of the above new features, including Instapay. Speak to your dedicated Payroll Partner if you have any questions about how this works in the payroll process.

Get Employment Hero

The purpose of Employment Innovations is to make employment easier by combining HR, payroll and legal services with technology. EI has designed flexible bundled packages, including Employment Hero, to deliver unbeatable value to businesses of all sizes.

For less than $3 per employee per week, get access to Employment Hero Premium (including employee benefits) plus access to unlimited workplace advice all year round under EI’s Connect Bundle.

For less than $4 per employee per week, get access to Employment Hero Premium (including employee benefits) plus a compliance audit, access to a full library of HR documents, plus unlimited workplace advice backed by representation in the event of any workplace claims under EI’s Essentials Bundle.

For less than $7 per employee per week, get access to all the features of our Essentials Bundle plus end-to-end managed payroll under EI’s Professional Bundle.