I recently bought a new house. It created a mixture of emotions; one of nervousness and intimidation, but also excitement. Everything feels, looks, and sounds different. The first day was the biggest hurdle. From searching where the light switches are, or learning how to work the oven, and sleeping on hard wooden floors – I felt lost. 

As we continued living in our new house, I began to slowly find a sense of belonging. Shifting furniture in the right places, adding in the pantry items, and waving the odd hello to our neighbours. Ultimately, as the weeks passed by, I became comfortable and began to call it ‘home.’


Great employee onboarding can improve employee retention by 82%


The first day in a new job can be overwhelming – just like the first day of living in a new house. There will be new people to meet, and lots of new things to learn. It is imperative for HR to set the tone of a new hire’s first day and tenure of employment. By implementing a memorable and insightful onboarding process that integrates new employees, an organisation can achieve a higher retention rate and a more productive workplace.


Ultimately, the goal is for your new hire to call your organisation ‘home.’

There were three key reflections why Employment Innovations (EI) left a lasting impression during my onboarding experience, and why I now call EI ‘home.’


Be Organised

My first day was welcomed with our People and Culture Coordinator’s contagious smile and a large TV screen showing “Welcome to the EI team.” The team reflected on the company’s brand, culture, history, and values. Upon arrival, everything was organised. My workspace was ready, passwords, logins and advice sent to all teams. To add a personal touch, waiting on my desk was a handful of goodies – a drink bottle, personalised notepads, and computer equipment. I was all set to hit the ground running!


Socially Connected

You cannot replace human interaction. At EI, the team focused on creating a face-to-face connection with HR and my Manager as primary contacts to assist with all things onboarding – contracts, OH&S, policies, system set up and procedures. I was set with formal meet and greets, introductions to various team members, and socialised over a few quick drinks along the way. Additionally, to develop my sense of belonging and understand how the current employees live the culture, I was assigned a buddy from a different department.


Theory Into Practice

Keeping employees engaged and motivated is one of the most challenging tasks managers are faced with. Showing your new hire, the impact of their work at an early stage, allows them to experience the contribution their work makes to the company’s broader mission. At EI, I was able to experience first-hand the organisation’s value of being customer focused by spending time listening to the Sales team and understanding the workflow. Illustrating the connecting dots between an employees’ work and the company’s final output will not only give them a sense of purpose but will make them feel like a valued member of the team.


Experts In HR

This is not uncharted territory for EI. Employment Innovations are the leading providers of support across HR, Payroll and Legal services for over 25 years. They have mastered understanding what makes a good onboarding experience and have the knowledge in delivering and servicing expert advice to various industries. 

Don’t take my word for it. EI has a world of resources that can assist you in building an amazing induction and onboarding experience – Creating a 5 star onboarding experience. A great onboarding process will improve employee engagement and produce a happy and productive employee much sooner. Which should be what every business wants. 

Speak with one of the Workplace Advice team at Employment Innovations to see how the right onboarding plan for your business can help new team members hit the ground with their feet running. Contact us today or call 1300 144 120.


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