One of the key elements to building a successful employer brand or employer value proposition (EVP) is understanding and articulating clearly what your business and people stand for. Your EVP is how you represent yourself in person, on paper and online. It’s also your business reputation and unique promise of value to a potential employee. Without a strong employer brand, you’ll struggle to differentiate yourself in the market, which means you’ll miss opportunities to bring great people into your business.

Have you given any thought to what your employer brand is saying about you right now? Is it representing your business in the BEST light? Does it clearly reflect your businesses unique offering, values and purpose? If it doesn’t, then you need to get clear on what it is that makes your company a great place to work. What makes you stand out from other businesses and the big corporates. What it is that makes you a compelling consideration to future candidates? Once you’ve nailed those 3 things, you’re on your way to building a kickass EVP that will get your business on the radar with quality talent.

Your set of standards

You need to begin with understanding what it is that makes your company tick. What makes your staff happy, what can you offer your employees that bigger business can’t/don’t? E.g. rapid career development, lots of variety, work flexibility, mentorship directly with the CEO? Think about your core ‘values’ as well. Your core values are a set of standards that determine attitude, choices and actions. This is your business’s ‘authentic’ self. You will want your employees to bring that same authentic self to work every single day so that your business can thrive and realise its true potential.

What’s your X Factor?

Your X Factor is something that sets your business apart from everyone else. It’s your No. 1 advantage when you are hiring staff. If you don’t embrace your uniqueness and use it as your competitive advantage, you aren’t competing, and you’ll look just like vanilla icecream and taste just like vanilla icecream. Who’s for Ben and Jerry’s choc raspberry with fudge chips?

Leave candidates wanting more

Whether you’re using job boards or tapping into your networks to find new staff, the key to getting the attention of the right people is to tease them with something compelling. You need to grab their attention, show them what life is like in your business and leave them wanting to find out more about you.

Good candidates will be checking out your business and its people online before they reach out or apply to your job ad. Use social media wisely to promote your brand online. It’s working for you 24/7 and even when you’re not around.

Whichever way you choose to get your brand out there, just remember – your reputation is everything. Keep your website, Linked profile, LinkedIn pages and other social media consistent. Don’t create a mismatched brand that sends competing messages and confuses your audience. It should be the ever evolving genuine you.

As a last-minute check to make sure you’re sending the right branding message, run a Google search on your business name and check out what comes up. Brace yourself because whatever you can see is exactly what a potential employee can see so be very, very careful about what you post online.

Need help?

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