The Fair Work Commission’s Federal Minimum Wage decision will be delivered in June 2016.  This decision will increase all award pay rates from July 2016 onwards.

Employee underpayment claims have been a hot topic over the past 12 months as a result of the media attention given to 7 Eleven.  It is perhaps more important than ever to ensure your business is paying staff correctly.

How Does The Minimum Wage Decision Affect You?

While the decision will be directed at minimum award rates, it will have flow-on effects to the rates contained in enterprise agreements (and other registered instruments).

The pay rates in enterprise agreements will therefore also increase in July 2016 as a consequence of Fair Work’s announcement.

If your staff are covered by an enterprise agreement, it is vital that you know exactly what impact the announcement will have on your rates from July.

Please note: it is not simply a matter of adding the percentage increase announced by the Commission to your current rates. You may be quite lawfully entitled to pass on a lower increase, or no increase at all.