Whatever the type of business, if you hire employees you’ll need some type of HR framework. The bigger and more successful the business the more demanding and time consuming the HR function will become and an outsourced HR Partner is a popular service as it allows HR solutions to be tailored for your unique business.

Increasingly we are seeing businesses with an existing internal HR function seeking further support from an HR consultant. The HR Partner model from Employment Innovations is very popular with internal HR managers, and here are two reasons why this isn’t such a strange concept.


HR can be a lonely place

This is especially true if it’s a stand-alone role. HR Managers are dealing with highly confidential information making it difficult to problem solve and bounce ideas off anyone internally. They are often faced with challenging decisions to make with no professionals available to workshop solutions with. HR managers are always the first to know about changes that will negatively impact individuals within the workplace and are most often also the person having to communicate such changes. Most HR professionals talk openly about HR being an isolated place, but the consensus among most is that you can, and should, connect with other HR people outside of your organisation.

One way of doing this is to engage with an expert HR Partner who you can lean on for advice, help you see a new perspective on a situation and generally share your burden with.


The HR and employment law landscapes are forever changing

You can’t be an expert in everything, and the benefit that large HR teams have is that experience and knowledge increases with each new member of the team. This combined expertise cannot be compared to a stand-alone HR Manager, who is often confronted with situations that fall outside of their area of expertise. This is stressful for the HR Manager, but also a risk to your business.

Our HR Partners can offer your business the security of having an extended HR team. They can tap into a huge network of other HR Partners, Payroll specialists and Employment Lawyers to provide whole-of-business focused HR solutions. Sharing ideas and strategies means your internal HR Manager can access additional resources, whilst at the same time feel supported and confident in the business decisions they make.

Here at Employment Innovations we listen to our clients and work hard to provide them with the service they need. Not everyone is looking for the same HR support, which is why we offer HR Partnering in addition to our other HR products. This is exactly why Modus Projects reached out to us to be their Partner in HR;

I studied Human Resources at University and work as part of a very supportive management team, but my partnership with Employment Innovations, and more specifically my HR Partner Jessica Wilkins, has enabled me to learn, develop and make decisions with the confidence that I am not only being compliant but that I am ensuring best practice and consistency across the organisation. As a young business who have experienced tremendous growth over the past 9 years, it’s imperative that we get HR right to ensure that we attract and retain the best talent and offer them a great place to work.”

Lauren Stewart, HR Manager, Modus Projects.


Building a relationship with an HR Partner will not only support internal HR Managers but will mean business owners can rest easy in the knowledge that any employee issues will be resolved quickly, with common sense and minimised risk to the business. Ideally for a business to prosper it needs confidence and peace of mind to make decisions and the ability to leverage specialist expertise where required, which can also be backed by complimentary representation for any workplace claims.


Want to know more?

At Employment Innovations, we can find solutions for all your HR needs using cloud-based technology and a national network of HR professionals and Employment Lawyers. Our clients can be confident that managers at all levels within their business have on-demand access to the right tools, training and expertise to make the right decisions when it comes to managing people and leading teams. Contact us to learn more or call 1300 144 120 to speak with an HR consultant today.