The end of the financial year is upon us, and it seems like this year has flown past! That’s something you’re probably used to hearing or even saying yourself. So the real questions is, what have you done since this time last year?

Probably a lot. Running a business isn’t easy, let alone all the legality and regulations that need to complied with. And yes, the end of the financial year means all your favourite reporting needs to be done. Budgeting, payroll, management, human resources, insurance and legal. Just some of the areas you’ll be spending time on in this quarter.

Here at Employment Innovations, we have the luxury to be surrounded by employment experts who help thousands of businesses each and every year with challenges just like this.

That’s why we went around asking our expert team, what are the most important things that every business needs to do in preparation for the end of financial year?

We’ve compiled this all into one handy checklist you can use for your business. And better yet, we’re getting them to share some top tips and insights over the next few weeks to help check these items off.