Anglicare Diocesan Services

EI’s Cost Effective Payroll Service Allowed ADS to Expand Within the Anglican Community

Being able to cost-effectively offer an outsourced payroll service provided ADS the opportunity to grow and serve the wider Anglican Community.


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Outsourced Payroll



“Employment Innovations has provided fabulous support over the years as we have grown into a service provider with a big and complicated payroll for over 1,000 employees across multiple Anglican entities. We are confident that as we we grow, Employment Innovation will provide continual support.”



Anglicare Diocesan Services (ADS) is a Government registered charity providing outsourced Payroll and HR services to the Anglican business, charity and religious community. In 2011 ADS was a smaller business servicing Anglicare only with an in-house payroll system that was inefficient and lacking in functionality. An opportunity was identified for ADS to grow into a much larger service provider to the wider Anglican community through itself offering an outsourced payroll and HR service bundle which was white labelled and delivered by EI.


ADS needed to find an outsourced payroll provider with the technology and payroll team to support its own growth as it looked to service the wider Anglican parish group along with supporting businesses and charities within the community. As ADS had engaged an HR software vendor to service its clients, the payroll system had to seamlessly link with the platform to ensure that employee pay conditions were managed accordingly. Finally, as ADS had aspirations to grow from a small company to provider servicing a group of companies, they needed to find a partner with the ability and flexibility to grow with them.


ADS was referred to Employment Innovations who were able to quickly migrate Anglicare onto their managed payroll platform providing access to modern software that was fully-managed and supported by payroll processing experts and linked to its HR technology. ADS was able to provide a more efficient, cost-effective and user-friendly service to their clients. As a result, they were able to grow the number of parishes supported under Anglicare and provide EI managed payroll services to schools, colleges and other supporting Anglican businesses.


ADS has been a client of EI since 2011 and in that time has grown to provide Payroll and HR services to in excess of 1,000 employees within the Anglican community. With the growth of their own business they are now moving from a managed payroll service to DIY where their own staff will process the payroll relying on Employment Innovation to provide support.