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How HR Software and Outsourced Services Drove a Renewed Focus On Business Growth

Compliance, HR best-practices and improved processes were requirements for a finance controller across two businesses.


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We can now focus on our business operations having mitigated our exposure to HR risk. We can see that HR is like building a house in that you need to have the foundations right before you can build – the things that our HR partner has put in place have been excellent. We completely trust the partnership we have

Rick Nassar


Rick holds senior finance positions for two completely different businesses, both of which had a requirement for an HR solution which would allow the companies to focus on business operations without worrying about HR processes or compliance.
Brookvale Industrial Maintenance (BIM) is a remedial building maintenance contractor established in 1998 that has been experiencing a period of rapid growth in staff with members of the leadership team coming to realise that not having the correct HR foundations in place could represent a future risk to the business.
Precision Sourcing is a talent agency specialising in sourcing niche talent for contract and permanent positions within Technology and Data. After realising that managers were increasingly tied up in HR requirements as opposed to growing a business, it was identified that outsourcing to an HR service provider would enable them to focus on revenue-producing business operations.


Each business operates in a different industry with differences in internal culture and team make up along with a willingness to adopt a completely new approach to HR.
BIM had an immediate HR requirement to address and a realisation that policies needed to be implemented to protect the business moving forwards. They required an approach that educated the business on the importance of having the right HR foundations and provided a future-proofed complaint solution.
Precision Sourcing realised the risks associated with non-compliance and were looking for a solution that would enable them to minimise the time spent making HR decisions while ensuring that their staff were receiving the benefits they were entitled to.
Rick required an HR solution that would operate at a partnership level to both businesses without the need to manage multiple account contacts.
“We were seeking information online in regards to legislation changes and knew we were exposed to the risk of not following requirements, we needed someone else to look after our HR”


Employment Innovations recommended an HR Business Partner solution which provided a local HR consultant able to work closely with both businesses delivering tailored solutions and offering on-demand and in-house support as required.
The HR partner worked with BIM to immediately solve the HR challenge they were facing and reviewed and implemented a suite of policies and code of conduct to ensure the business and employees were protected from future events occurring. An HR Software solution was also implemented which provided a streamlined and compliant approach to employee management.
As the managers at Precision Sourcing were receiving HR questions which they were unequipped to resolve, the HR Partner provided immediate access to on-demand advice alongside in-house training to allow to make more confident, and informed, HR decisions. An updated set of contracts were developed alongside a number of new policies implemented providing protection for the business and employees.


Both BIM and Precision Sourcing now operate with the confidence that their businesses are operating in a compliant fashion with an HR partner operating as an extension of the team providing ongoing support and coaching as required.