GoGet Saved Money and Lowered Risk with EI Outsourced Services

With a new HR platform in place, HR advise on demand and payroll managed by Employment Innovations, GoGet can focus on business growth.




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Employment Innovations is on top of everything. If there are changes to the Awards or legislation I am confident the payroll team will pick them up and inform me. The platform and relationship are working well

Corentin Siffroi


GoGet is an Australian car-sharing company offering a flexible cost-effective alternative to car ownership. From its humble beginnings as being the first of its kind in 2013 to growing into the largest car-sharing company in Australia, GoGet has revolutionised how people look at car ownership, and have managed to help free up road congestion along the way. The combination of staff growth, no HR platform in place and payroll being managed by a part-time employee, GoGet required a software and service solution that would provide cost savings and internal efficiencies across HR processes and payroll management.


GoGet had a growing workforce with staff operating remotely and on different Awards. They needed to bring employee on-boarding, management and engagement into the cloud while making it easier for staff to request leave and manage their personal details. Additionally, GoGet processed payroll with a single part-time employee which they realised was both expensive and a business risk against legislation and payroll changes.

GoGet came to Employment Innovations after recognising the business benefits and greater cost savings of combining outsourced HR and Payroll to one service provider. As Employment Innovations was the founding partner to Employment Hero who offered managed payroll for KeyPay and could implement and support both systems, it made sense for GoGet to engage them to help bring their HR and Payroll into the cloud.


Following a series of kick-off meetings with the implementation and payroll partner team, Employment Innovation was able to present an onboarding plan that eliminated any downtime for existing payroll processes, provided staff training on the new platform and presented immediate cost savings that could be taken back to the business. Employment Hero was implemented as the HR platform with its integration to payroll ensuring that staff on different Awards, time-sheeting, leave and employee pay conditions were all managed seamlessly through the cloud.


GoGet realised immediate payroll cost-savings by not requiring the part-time payroll officer and employees being able to manage their own pay conditions. Furthermore having access to a professional payroll team gave them the confidence of always being compliant and having any errors being identified by experts before payroll was processed. By using Employment Hero, immediate improvements were made to staff onboarding and workplace policy and document management. Staff also found it much easier to apply for leave and keep the personal and employment details up-to-date. GoGet now has its HR and Payroll requirements managed through EI allowing Corentin and his team to focus on growing the business..