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The professional approach of EI’s customer service compliments Pepper Money’s expectations, resulting in a collaborative and effective solution for streamlined payroll processing.


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August 2022

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”Extremely responsive and answers my requests within 24 hours, it makes my job so much easier.”

Pepper Money


Pepper Money Limited, a prominent financial services company operating in Australia and New Zealand, faced significant challenges in managing its payroll system before engaging with Employment Innovations (EI). With 500 employees in Australia and a smaller workforce in New Zealand, Pepper Money has previously outsourced its payroll services to a provider that failed to meet expectations. Operational and relationship management issues were evident, leading to errors and a lack of customer-centric focus. The need for a reliable and responsive payroll solution became crucial for Pepper Money.


The challenges faced by Pepper Money included numerous payroll processing mistakes identified with their previous outsourced provider, and a lack of visibility in the customer relationship component. The internal Payroll manager at Pepper Money oversaw the payroll process, but issues persisted, indicating the need for a more efficient and customer-focused payroll solution. These issues included data processing errors, insufficient reporting and auditing with their payroll software.


To address these challenges, Pepper Money sought an outsourced payroll provider with a strong customer focus and service orientation. Employment Innovations (EI) emerged as the solution, displaying a commitment to customer satisfaction. The internal Payroll manager collaborated with EI to manage the payroll process efficiently. EI took on the responsibility of processing payroll in line with legislation and compliance, while the Payroll manager ensured oversight from a compliance standpoint. EI proved to be extremely responsive, respectable, and confident in their abilities. They provided technical support for the payroll software, Keypay, and managed legislation based on state and special situation cases effectively. The experience with Keypay was praised for its reporting and analytics capabilities, making metrics and processing more accessible.


The results experienced by Pepper Money after implementing Employment Innovations’ payroll solution were outstanding. The client relationship and service provided by EI exceeded expectations, contributing to a motivated payroll team. Urgent tasks were consistently completed on time, showcasing the professionalism and dedication of the EI team. Pepper Money appreciated EI’s expertise in compliance and legislation, eliminating frustrations for the internal Payroll manager. The implementation of Keypay significantly reduced the time required to process payroll and manage tasks, making the overall payroll system more efficient. Pepper Money highly regarded Keypay for its adaptability, and flexibility, creating a fully functional interface for the payroll team. In summary, the partnership with Employment Innovations brought about positive changes, enhancing Pepper Money’s payroll management experience.

”Extremely responsive and answers my requests within 24 hours, it makes my job so much easier.”

Pepper Money