RAR Therapy

Employment Innovations is a partner who improves critical thinking in HR and WHS.

With a combined solution of HR and WHS, Employment Innovations was able to help RAR Therapy regain peace of mind and confidence in their decision making.


Clinic-based, mobile and telehealth allied health services


HR Partner and Work Health & Safety



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“Our HR Partner’s flexibility to work with different organisational dynamics is amazing. We’re a complex organisation with different layers, and so our Partner would always factor that in and work within that dynamic.”

RAR Therapy


RAR Therapy is an Australian Allied Health company offering clinic-based, mobile, and telehealth services across Australia Starting in a small rural town in North Queensland as an owner/operator Occupational Therapy business, RAR Therapy experienced rapid growth and now has numerous clinics throughout Australia, providing a variety of services with a diverse workforce. With rapid expansion and the complexities associated with this RAR Therapy required HR expertise and sought out external HR and WHS support.  


The changing nature of the organisation led to a number of specific challenges relating to employee management. Given the diversity of roles and locations, policies and procedures also required reviewing and updating to ensure compliance with local regulations, especially during COVID-19 mandates and restrictions.  Without HR and WHS expertise, a number of matters were facing delay due to limited internal knowledge of HR and WHS compliance and legislation. 


Employment Innovations was able to offer RAR Therapy a combined package of both HR capability and Work Health & Safety expertise. EI’s HR Partner service offers a dedicated resource for strategic and reactive advice and Evolve Safety focuses on obligations around employee physical and psychosocial wellbeing. This has enabled the current HR manager working internally at RAR Therapy to have the support and mentorship needed to navigate unseen challenges within the organisation. Additionally, RAR Therapy can now rely on updated policies that continue to adapt and change in accordance with evolving legislation and differing regional compliance laws. 



RAR Therapy has confidence in their practices, with decision-making no longer facing delays. The backing of HR and WHS experts ensures that managers have confidence in their planning, which enables swift implementation. The knowledge and understanding of HR and WHS matters has also developed within the internal RAR Therapy Leaders with the mentorship granted by the partnership. Support with the management of current employees has created more streamlined processes that work to improve employee experience, while also aligning business needs with team structures. 

In addition, HR metrics have helped the team make wise decisions, especially surrounding matters of onboarding related costs. RAR Therapy noted a considerable relief among managers, who can now leverage the support and advice of experts during crises or crisis-prevention decision-making. 

So, whilst the work environment is dynamic and the daily needs of employees and teams are rarely straightforward, RAR Therapy has found peace of mind having experts work alongside them to help navigate the complexity of working with people; changing business needs; and differing state legislations.  

“I feel like they are a colleague. I feel comfortable and confident with them. We trust telling them things, we trust what they tell us. That level of loyalty and confidentiality is strong. They feel like part of the team, I feel like they work for RAR, and they make me want to work with EI.”

RAR Therapy