SCC Soft Computer

How an HR platform and Migration Services Helped SCC Grow its Australian Operations

EI helped SCC grow by delivering a localised HR Platform and expert Migration services for employing foreign nationals.


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“I now have more time for my role confident that as the business grows I am supported by a complete HR system and expert migration services.”

Alex Panagakis


Hailing from Europe, SCC is the largest medical laboratory information system vendor in the world. Having registered an Australian office in 2016 and quickly winning clients such as the Australian Red Cross, SCC soon realised that its existing US-based HR software platform was not well-suited to the idiosyncrasies of Australian workplace regulations.

Employment Innovations was engaged for outsourced payroll, HR support and Employment Hero software platform to support the onboarding, employment contracts and other HR requirements of SCC’s international developers working locally in Australia on short-term visas. 

Alex joined SCC in 2018 and soon realised that it was becoming inefficient for SCC to continue to manage the complex migration requirements of its Australian operations internally. Again SCC turned to Employment Innovations to assist.


SCC Soft Computer is a global company that develops complex software across several regions, including Australia. As well as employing a large number of Australian employees, SCC has often had to rely on a talent-pool of experienced employees from the Ukraine, Poland and the US to help implement systems in Australia  on visas ranging from 3 months to 2 years. 

Alex not only had a lack of time to manage migration matters internally due to his role as the director, but also realised that the visa application process was going to require specialised expertise. This became particularly clear when SCC’s attempted to obtain a 600 Business Visa for a highly skilled Ukrainian national was refused.


Alongside receiving the continual support from the HR and Payroll teams, SCC engaged EI’s Migration Team who were able to re-lodge the application for the Ukrainian national and have it approved in time for the contractor to enter Australia and start on a new client project. SCC also engaged EI’s Migration Experts for assistance with two 482 TSS visas for Polish nationals who are now working in Australia for a period of 2 years supporting major projects.

All contractors and new employees are onboarded and have their employment lifecycle managed through the EI’s HR software platform (Employment Hero) while EI’s migration and legal teams provide SCC with assistance whenever it is needed.


Within two years SCC Soft Computers’ size has expanded over seven times (in Australia), thanks in part to their ability to utilise skilled foreign nationals when supporting their major clients. With an Australian aligned HR system in place, and the ability to access migration and legal advice when he needs it,  Alex is able to focus on growing the business, comfortable that the compliance and employee lifecycle requirements are taken care of.