No matter what business you are in, you will encounter some kind of HR function, be it recruiting new staff, managing rosters, managing performance, or even just ensuring your employees are paid on time and correctly. A large portion of small to medium sized business entrepreneurs choose to shoulder the burden of these tasks alone or with the help of other non-HR representatives such as line managers or administrators.

The risk of this is that human resources tasks may divert management from their core tasks, potentially reducing productivity and revenue. It may also cause human resources to be overlooked entirely, putting the business at increased risk, or creating dissatisfaction among employees.

Where businesses have invested in the human resources function, by far and away the most common approach taken is the traditional model with an internal HR manager or coordinator. The problem small to medium businesses face when implementing a traditional model is that it can be inflexible and expensive. Secondly, their success it solely dependent on the ability of the HR manager or coordinator to influence and add value.

HR needs to be nimble and resilient – and thrive during change. HR outsourcing is the most effective way to create measurable value in this area by using proven experts with a track record of success.


Human Resources

Employment Innovations offer an outsourced HR partnering solution for you and your managers as an easy add-on to our subscription plans with a complimentary EAP for all of your employees.

HR Consulting

HR consulting may be short term or long term assignments including the development and execution of tailored strategies that incorporates HR activities, business partnering and project work as required to achieve business results.

Workforce Management

The outsourced employment service is the ultimate outsourced HR solution and includes access to a HR partner and provides you with robust HR and payroll infrastructure aimed at increasing flexibility and ensuring compliance.

Adding Value Through Outsourcing HR


The business is born and products or services are in production and you have your first customers.


Revenues and customers are increasing with many new opportunities and issues. Profits are strong, but competition is surfacing.


New period of growth into new markets and distribution channels to gain a larger market share and find new revenue and profit channels.


The business is thriving with a good customer base and regular cash flow.


Marked by decline, succession, disruption or changes to market conditions. Transition may also include acquisition and its unique challenges.

The establishment of contracts and policies. Identifying efficient human resources and payroll processes to enable you to focus on growing the business. Establishing a distinctive employer brand.

It is important to be able to make quick decisions with a good chance of success – enabling business agility. Ensure you attract and retain talent – and having access to the right outsourced HR solutions at short notice.

A need for long term planning, as well as access to localised HR expertise. The business must assess what locations, people and structures need to be brought together to drive core business goals.

It may be wise to re-evaluate the vision to match where the business is now. It is also about sustainability and maintaining profits at pre-existing levels through maximising workforce capability and performance.

Legal issues associated with transfer of business, redundancy and termination. HR and people issues associated with managing change and job evaluation.