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Manage your HR without the high cost, using our team of outsourced HR consultants.
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How can we make a difference to your HR?

At Employment Innovations, our industry-leading HR outsourcing service makes human resources an affordable option, whatever size your business may be.

HR on-demand

Gain access to as much or as little HR assistance and advice as you need.

25 years local knowledge

We’ve been helping Australian businesses for more than a quarter of a century.

Fully scalable service

As your business grows, you can scale up from on-demand assistance to a virtual or onsite consultant.

Compliance peace-of-mind

We ensure that your business is always compliant with current employment law.

Proven outsourced solutions

Our consultants will ensure a business-wide lean HR adoption, and can provide your managers with the tools, expertise, coaching and legislative knowledge to manage much of your HR in-house.

Our Outsourced HR Services

At Employment Innovations, we offer 3 outsourced HR solutions to meet the different needs of Australian businesses;

Our premium service offers a dedicated virtual or onsite HR professional who operates as an extension of your management team:

  • Unlimited HR and workplace advice;
  • Full HR audit and strategic planning;
  • Maintenance and administration of Employment Hero, tapping into all of the key HR metrics, employee files, HR workflows and managing HR documents;
  • HR documents and tools;
  • Representation and mediation managing grievances and investigations;
  • Dedicated HR business partner;
  • Additional HR projects.


Your HR partner will develop your entire HR strategy and deliver complete HR services, support, tools and processes virtually, onsite or on-demand as required.

Our on-demand HR consulting service delivers tailored and pragmatic HR solutions; from one-off project engagements to ongoing support models for businesses of all sizes, structures and industries:

  • HR advice and strategic planning;
  • HR frameworks and processes;
  • Full compliance audit;
  • HR documents and tools;
  • Managing grievances and investigations;
  • Performance management systems;
  • Management training representation and mediation;
  • HR software implementation and training;
  • Contract and policy review;
  • HR compliance;
  • Restructuring and redundancies;
  • Leadership development.


Our experts are backed by a team of payroll, HR software, legal, migration and recruitment professionals to ensure that the right expertise is always within easy reach.

Our entry-level offering provides:

  • Unlimited workplace advice and access to our extensive library of HR templates, tools and documents;
  • A full compliance audit to identify any existing weaknesses in your HR plan that could open your business to issues in the future;
  • Assistance with your ongoing HR needs throughout the year.

Why should you partner with
Employment Innovations?

Save time

Outsourcing your HR allows you and your team to spend more time focusing on core business functions.

Save money

Our outsourced solutions are delivered at a fraction of the cost of traditional approaches, and are underpinned by a set of lean HR principles designed to deliver maximum value for your business.

Improve staff morale

Implementing the right HR solution will help to increase employee engagement, reduce absenteeism and improve retention levels.

Reduce risk

Using our expertise to ensure your continued HR compliance will lower your exposure to risk and provide greater peace of mind.

Future proof your HR

Your HR consultant will develop a practical HR plan identifying current and future HR metrics, HR priorities and commitments for your business.

Why Choose Us?

An Australian business with a rich 25 year history, Employment Innovations has grown to become a trusted name in the outsourced services industry. If you need HR, payroll or employment law services, we have the expertise and resources to help your business grow and prosper; whether you have 20 or 2,000 employees.

HR Partner locations

Access efficient HR advice and support from our team of HR experts in:

Hear from some of our HR clients

Gymea Bay Care & Leisure Centre partnered with Employment Innovations HR Partner solutions to transform their business operations:

“The support I have had from my HR partners has been exceptional. Response times on emails and phone support has been invaluable in ensuring that we are taking the correct steps when it comes to tricky HR matters, to ensure that both the employer responsibilities and employee rights are covered.”


Navy Canteens partnered with Employment Innovations outsourced HR, Payroll and Finance solutions to transform their business operations:

“Our HR and Payroll Partners are amazing people to work with. We are blown away by how professional and responsive they are. They have saved my sanity. We thought Employment Innovations would be a good decision, but it’s been the best decision we have made. We are so happy and thankful we chose EI to partner with.”


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