As part of any human resources solution provided as an add-on to a subscription plan, line managers can get access to technical and behavioural training modules designed to build their capability and confidence so that they can effectively lead and make quality decisions. Training modules run for approximately 1.5 to 2 hours each.


Legal Obligations of Employment

Takes managers through the legal framework underpinning employment. The session will equip managers with a solid understanding of employee entitlements and conditions.

Topics covered:
• Industrial framework
• Federal and state legislation
• Industrial instruments
• The difference between an employee and a
• Employment contracts and policies

Workplace Safety for Managers

Offers practical guidance for managers in managing workplace health and safety risks.

Topics covered:
• Importance of WH&S
• Statutory obligations
• Work, health and safety system
• Manager responsibilities
• Risk management
• Consultation
• Incident response
• Injury management

Managing Underperformance

Provides guidance on managing poor performance of employees in a fair and consistent manner.

Topics covered:
• Performance management
• Performance vs misconduct
• Managing underperformance
• Workplace investigations

Preparing for One on Ones & Managing Ongoing Performance

Equips managers with skills to manage performance in a positive and effective way.

Topics covered:
• Effective one on ones
• Managing ongoing performance & expectations
• Giving & receiving feedback
• Preparing for a difficult conversation
• Create lasting change

Manager to Leader

Designed to help managers understand and develop their leadership skills and style to get the best out of themselves and their team.

Topics covered:
• Leadership qualities
• Leadership flaws
• The 6 styles of leadership
• How and when to adapt your style
• Keys to managing yourself, your team & the
• Enterprise leadership
• Action plans & next steps

Employment Hero

Aims to increase managers’ capability in using the Employment Hero HR platform for transactional HR Activities.

Topics covered:
• Employee onboarding
• Company settings
• Employee records and information keeping
• Induction and HR documents
• Leave management and requests
• Reporting
• Performance reviews and goals
• Safety

Company, Team & Individual Goal Setting (Aligning Performance)

Helps managers to align key business strategies with team and individual objectives to improve business and employee performance.

Topics covered:
• Modern performance management
• Why are goals important?
• Best practices
• SMART objectives
• Rhythm and rituals
• Employment Hero goal setting tools

Coaching in the Workplace

How to make coaching a rewarding experience for your managers by learning key skills and applied techniques.

Topics covered:

• Key skills of questioning, listening, body language, rapport, empathy, giving feedback and goal setting
• Conversation starters
• 1:1 coaching tool
• Understanding and appreciating your own development as a coach
• Creating lasting change