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Employment Innovations is proud to partner with The Migration Agency to support businesses in navigating Australia’s complex immigration regulations when recruiting, onboarding, and retaining skilled foreign workers.

Our team at Employment Innovations, understands employment. We breathe, act, and live the very aspect of making employment easier for businesses.

With our goals perfectly aligned, our partnership with The Migration Agency will guide businesses through the strategic steps to navigate Australia’s increasingly complex regulatory framework and obtain the appropriate visa requirements for eligible occupations across the Australian economy.

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The Migration Agency designs and delivers customized Australian immigration and visa solutions for businesses and everyday people.

Based in Sydney, the Migration Agency assists with Australian and New Zealand immigration and has international reach through its global immigration network.

Migration is more than applications, ticking boxes and managing changes in law. At its heart, migration is about people. The Migration Agency is intentionally driven by values that embrace global mobility, diversity, and personal care.


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Key benefits


Migration Services | The Migration Agency -

Commercial & Innovative

The Migration Agency’s commercial approach means they understand business. Immigration solutions must fit with what you do, and that’s why they bring the best and brightest thinking to devise solutions that really work.

Migration Services | The Migration Agency - A trusted Partner

Trusted Partner

Immigration opens a world of possibilities for businesses who aspire to attract the best talent, embrace diversity, and deliver on global mobility commitments.

Migration Services | The Migration Agency - Simple & Seamless

Simple & Seamless

Deep knowledge and experience of Australian immigration law and the application process means The Migration Agency know their way through the red tape, forms, and compliance requirements.

Migration Services | The Migration Agency - Fixed Price fees

Fixed Price Fees

Concerns about fees prevent many businesses and individuals from seeking the best advice.

Migration Services | The Migration Agency - Responsive & Resourceful

Responsive & Resourceful

Understanding the ways immigration can work for your business requires experience and know-how. The Migration Agency advantage? They are speedy.

Migration Services | The Migration Agency - Personal & Professional

Personal & Professional

The Migration Agency takes a personal approach in the service that they deliver, and their team of passionate lawyers will assist your business every step of the way, ensuring a professionally tailored solution throughout.

Market Leading Services

Size should never limit business growth for world-leading innovators. The Migration Agency works with small and medium-sized enterprises to accelerate business growth by gaining access to specialised global talent, including those operating in the specialised technology space.

Immigration Strategy & Advice

The Migration Agency helps your business utilise immigration solutions and opportunities for hiring global talent that support business growth. The team can help your business identify global markets from which highly skilled professionals can be accessed to solve local workforce needs.

Visas for Employees

The Migration Agency can facilitate different employee visa’s, ranging from Temporary Skills Shortage (TSS), Employer Nomination Scheme, Employer-Sponsored Regional, Short Term & Specialist, Global Talent, General Skilled Migration as well as Business visas supporting investment, innovation, and business growth.

Migration Services | The Migration Agency - Visas for Family & Partners

Visas for Family & Partners

The Migration Agency assists with a range of visas for partners and family members. Through our partnership, you can enjoy peace of mind when applying for partner visas, parent visas, child visas, and others.

Business Sponsorship Programs & Labour Agreements

The Migration Agency design sponsorship programs for employers to sponsor and engage international talent in your business. They can assist with standard sponsorship through to bespoke agreements negotiated with the Department of Home Affairs.

Compliance & “Health Checks”

The Migration Agency assists with immigration health checks and audits to ensure that you and your employees remain compliant under Australian migration law. We can also assist with workplace investigations and deliver training to your team about immigration and visa compliance.

Access the following offers from The Migration Agency

Complimentary Work Visa Eligibility Assessment

The Migration Agency provides a complimentary, visa eligibility assessment to confirm whether your employee qualifies for a work visa (valued at $440).

Discounted Offer


Receive 10% off our fixed professional fee exclusively for EI clients, for your first service with The Migration Agency (e.g. company sponsorship or a work visa application). 

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