Continuous Improvement Approach to HR

Published: 24 August 2022

In this video, Alana Bloom highlights a brief overview of Lean HR and how it can be applied to your business.


Continuous Improvement Approach to HR

Hi, I’m Alana from Employment Innovations and I’m here to give you an introduction to Principle 8 of our 8 Lean HR Principles.


Principle 8 is about taking a continuous improvement approach to the health of HR in the business.

This is our last Lean HR Principle and is really the core to the success of lean in any industry. In light of the overall business objectives, the HR function should be making small incremental improvements year on year to improve the health of HR.

With this approach, it’s important to undertake the project of prioritisation to make sure you are spending your valuable resources on the right projects. This relates closely to Principle 7, setting goals and objectives across the business. With your organisation’s short, mid and long term goals in mind, consider what aspects of the HR function, if improved, would most influence the achievement of these goals.

We use a tool called a HR Health Check which is pivotal when understanding what areas of HR to prioritise.

Your continuous improvement approach to HR should be providing tangible benefits back to the organisations’ objective achievement.  These small incremental improvements mean that you are able to add this tangible value while still being agile enough to adapt to business changes. 


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