Employee Engagement & Happiness

Published: 24 August 2022

In this video, Alana Bloom explores measuring employee happiness and collecting feedback regularly in order to increase engagement.


Employee Happiness & Engagement

Hi, I’m Alana from Employment Innovations and I’m here to give you an introduction to Principle 5 of our 8 Lean HR Principles.


Principle 5 is around measuring employee happiness and collecting feedback regularly in order to increase engagement.

There are many occasions when there can be a feeling that there is something wrong within the organisation and its culture. This can be present through a number of indicators such as high turnover, a lot of people being absent from the workplace, and these can all be indicators of something wrong. The best way to understand what is bubbling under the surface is to ask your teams.

This can be done through a regular pulse question such as a happiness survey, or through an engagement survey which is a deep dive gathering more detailed and specific feedback.

Engaging with your team on their experience within the workplace isn’t only necessary when you think something is wrong. Providing your employees with the opportunity to contribute to their life at work through providing feedback makes them feel empowered and connected to the place in which they work.

There is a trick to achieving this balance – to engage, and keep your team engaged, you need to roll out a well crafted and thought out communication plan that is transparent and clearly communicated. This can help in ensuring you consistently get high response rates.

The end goal is to have a more engaged workforce. A highly engaged workforce is usually one who stays with the organisation for longer, and will also be seen to increase their discretionary effort, going above and beyond. All of these, in turn, impact productivity. There is also a direct correlation between employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction for anyone in a service based industry.

The same can be sent for the opposite, a disengaged workforce can result in high turnover and can have both monetary and non monetary costs for an organisation. 


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