Payroll Video Demonstrations Using KeyPay


Payroll Demo Videos

Check out our latest videos on Payroll processing with KeyPay, its functionality, and how it can help your business.

EI's Managed Payroll Process

EI’s Managed Payroll Process

We’ll show you exactly how managed payroll with Employment Innovations can revolutionize the way you do your payroll processing, keeping you up to date with changing legislation and payroll compliance.

EI's Payroll Implementation Process

EI’s Payroll Implementation Process

In this video, we’ll take a deeper look at how our onboarding process works, which is designed to ensure your business’s payroll is accurate, efficient, and compliant.

Introduction to KeyPay & Managed Payroll at Employment Innovations

Introduction to Payroll Video Series

Support your business by understanding the functions within KeyPay and the Managed Payroll service at Employment Innovations.

Achieving Payroll Compliance

Achieving Payroll Compliance

How does your business navigate Payroll compliance? We explore how our Payroll experts manage compliance.

Where Does the Payroll Function Sit in a Business?

Where does Payroll sit within a business?

We explore where the payroll function sits within a business and highlight some key factors that come into play.

KeyPay Employee Portal

KeyPay Employee Portal

Learn to navigate through KeyPay’s employee portal when your business begins Employment Innovations Managed Payroll service.

How to Onboard New Employees?

How to Onboard New Employees

Understand how to onboard new employees using KeyPay and as an Employment Innovations Managed Payroll client

Additional Features on KeyPay

Additional Features in KeyPay

We highlight some of the additional functions available in KeyPay and as an Employment Innovations Managed Payroll client.

Leave Management in KeyPay

Leave Management in KeyPay

Explore how leave requests work in KeyPay and navigate through the process of creating leave requests, approving a leave request and the leave calendar.

Employment Innovation’s Implementation Process

Implementation Process

In this video, we take your business through implementation process.

Employment Innovation’s Managed Payroll Process

Managed Payroll Process

Our team uncovers how our Managed Payroll solution works for your business.

The use of Location in KeyPay

The use of Location in KeyPay

Explore how location can be selected in employee timesheets, reporting and separating payroll journals in KeyPay.

How to use Rostering in KeyPay?

How to use Rostering in KeyPay

We navigate through how to utilise the rostering function in KeyPay.

Reporting in KeyPay

Reporting in KeyPay

Learn about reporting in KeyPay including common reports to use, payroll, time and attendance data, and how to filter, export and automate reports.

How do Timesheets work in KeyPay?

How do Timesheets work in KeyPay

An overview of how timesheets work in KeyPay for your business.

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