How Do Timesheets Work in KeyPay

Published: 18 August 2022

Since this video was recorded, KeyPay has been rebranded to Employment Hero Payroll. While the name of the software has changed, the functionality and user experience of the software is the same. These videos will continue to guide your business through the payroll processes.

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In this video, we give you an overview of how timesheets work in KeyPay for your business.


How do Timesheets work in KeyPay?

Hi I’m Jasmine from Employment Innovations. I’m going to give you a look into how timesheets work in KeyPay for your businesses payroll team. We’ll go through the process of creating a timesheet, approving a timesheet and how to compare the timesheet to a rostered shift.

To create a timesheet, go to the timesheets icon in KeyPay and select ‘Create Timesheets’. Select the employee, and the pay period. You can then select a ‘work type’ if applicable, and enter the start, end and break times into the timesheet. This will calculate the number of hours in the Units column. You can then select a ‘location’ for the hours worked. If the employee has worked hours in different locations or has worked a split shift, you can add a second line for additional hours by clicking ‘actions’, add another timesheet line, and then selecting the pay period. You can also copy a timesheet from the previous period if you know the employee has worked the same hours.

Once you have completed the timesheet, you can click ‘Save’, or use the dropdown arrow to ‘Save’ and approve the timesheet with one click.

To approve timesheets that have been saved but not approved, or submitted by an employee using the employee portal or workzone app, go to the’ timesheets’ icon, and select ‘Approve Timesheets’. You can use the filters to edit which timesheets you view in this screen, by employee, date and status for example. The icon next to the timesheet will let you know how the timesheet was submitted if you hover over it.

You can bulk approve timesheets using the ‘Approve’ button, or you can approve timesheets individually by selecting them, and the same for rejecting timesheets. To delete a timesheet, you will need to select the timesheets you’d like to delete individually.

If your employees have published rostered shifts for the period, you will see the ‘Compare with Roster’ button. This will highlight any timesheets that have variations from the rostered shift, or if there is a timesheet missing for a rostered shift. From here you can click the ‘edit’ icon to make any changes needed to the timesheets to reflect the roster, for example.

Once your timesheets are approved, they are ready to be processed in a pay run.

Timesheets in KeyPay enable your business to enter timesheets based on start and end times, as well as break times, and also allocate your staff to particular locations or departments in your organisation. The timesheet approvals give you fantastic visibility over your employee’s clock in and clock out times, and shows you how actual hours worked compared to your rostered times.

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