How to Use Rostering in KeyPay?

Published: 18 August 2022

Since this video was recorded, KeyPay has been rebranded to Employment Hero Payroll. While the name of the software has changed, the functionality and user experience of the software is the same. These videos will continue to guide your business through the payroll processes.

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In this video,  we navigate through how to utilise the rostering function in KeyPay.


How to use Rostering in KeyPay?

Jasmine: Hi, I’m Jasmine from Employment Innovations. I’ll be showing you how to utilise the rostering function in KeyPay. I’ll take you through how to create a shift and publish it to an employee, how unassigned shifts work, how to create and use roster templates and a few tips along the way. Let’s jump in and take a look.

On the left hand side, you will see some options for how you view your roster. You can create roster filters, in this case I have a filter for casual and full time employees. You can group your rosters by business which will show all employees in the one spot, or by location if your employees are assigned to one, and then drill down further once you have shifts in the roster. You can also choose to only show one location at a time, the status of the shift, and per employee. 

You have the option to show shift costs, show leave and also show employee unavailability too. There is also a legend for icons in the roster screen, and roles within your organisation.

To create a shift, you can simply click on the day next to the employee’s name, and you’ll be able to select the start and end time of the shift, the work type or role, and then save the shift. If you have costings turned on in your roster to show you how much the employee will be paid for this shift. If you know you need a shift filled but aren’t sure who will fill it just yet, you can add the shift as unassigned, and assign it to an employee later.

To move a shift to a different day, you can simply drag the saved shift over the day. If you need to copy a shift over to a different day, you can hold control on your keypad while you drag the shift over.

Once you’re happy with your shifts for the period, you can publish the shifts and this will notify employees via email that they have been assigned shifts in the roster. They can also view the shifts in the employee portal and the Workzone app.

If you have a regular roster with recurring shifts, i.e. if you have full time employees who always work the same shifts, you may like to create roster templates. Click on Roster Actions and Roster templates and click Add to create a new template. You can name the template, add your shifts and save the template. If you add an unassigned shift, you can assign it to an employee later when making updates to the template.  When you go to create a new roster, you can import the template, make any changes, and publish the roster out to your employees.

Rostering in KeyPay allows you to create shifts, publish them to your employees, and has a range of filters to ensure accuracy across your business and locations. 

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