Leave Management in KeyPay

Published: 18 August 2022

Since this video was recorded, KeyPay has been rebranded to Employment Hero Payroll. While the name of the software has changed, the functionality and user experience of the software is the same. These videos will continue to guide your business through the payroll processes.

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In this video, we explore how  leave requests work in KeyPay for your business and navigate through the process of creating leave requests, approving a leave request and the leave calendar.


Leave Management in KeyPay

Jasmine: Hi, I’m Jasmine from Employment Innovations. We are going to explore how leave requests work in KeyPay for your businesses payroll administrator. We’ll go through the process of creating leave requests, approving a leave request and the leave calendar.

To create a Leave request, go to the leave icon and select Create Requests. Select the employee, and the type of leave request you are submitting. You can then enter the start and end dates of the leave request, which will auto populate with the number of standard hours the employee works, and can be edited if needed.  You can also upload any documents associated with the leave request such as a medical certificate by clicking the add button. You also have the option of approving the leave request immediately as it is being submitted using the checkbox. Once you hit save, the request will be approved and ready to process.

If you create a leave request with a total number of hours greater than the employee’s leave balance, you will get a warning that the employee has insufficient leave to cover the request also, and the hours will be highlighted in red.

To approve leave requests that have been submitted by employees using the workzone app or the employee portal, click on the leave icon and go to manage requests. You can sort this view by the status of the leave request, the period, leave type, employee or by location. From the list you can click on the icons to edit, approve, decline or delete the leave requests. If you decline the leave request, you’ll be prompted to provide a reason and the employee will receive a notification that their request has been declined, and the reason.

To view the leave calendar, go to the leave icon and select the leave calendar. You can filter the leave calendar by the status of the leave requests, move through the pay periods, by employee, location and leave category. You can click on a leave period to view the employee’s leave balance against the request, and any notes associated with the request. You can also use the icons to edit, decline or delete the leave request, even if it has been approved already.

Leave management in KeyPay allows you to have full access to submit employee leave requests on their behalf, and also approve or decline requests based on leave balances, and also greater visibility of employee availability using the leave calendar.

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