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New Laws For Casual Employees – What Employers Need To Know


In this webinar, Simon Obee (Principal Lawyer, EI Legal) & Brooke McMahon (HR Business Partner) discussed the changes to the law in Australia surrounding casual employment, that was recently passed by Parliament.

With these new changes expected to take effect any day now we’ll discuss the actions all employers need to consider take including:

  • The obligation to assess all existing employees and determine whether they have to be offered conversion to permanent employment and notifying them of the result of the assessment (which must be done for all existing casuals within 6 months of the new law coming into effect);
  • The new statutory definition of casual employment and what this means for your workforce
  • Changes to “double-dipping” laws for when misclassified casuals seek to claim payment for permanent entitlements, and what you need to do to benefit from this protection;
  • The new obligation to offer permanent employment to casual employees after 12 months of employment;
  • The new requirement to issue new casual employees the Casual Employment Information Statement;
  • Changes to employment contracts that will need to be made as a result of the changes to the law;
  • Special exemptions for small businesses.


If you know a colleague or friend that might also be interested in watching the recording of our webinar, please copy & send them the following link:  https://bit.ly/3ab9AhN

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