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Driving Collaboration: How to Communicate in the Workplace


Effective communication is essential in any organisation, particularly when wanting to drive a culture of collaboration. Encouraging transparent, respectful, and inclusive communication ensures that ideas flow, teamwork thrives, and business goals are achieved.

The work environment has changed and in a geographically spread hybrid landscape, effort needs to be put into prioritising meaningful communication and collaboration.

In this webinar, Employment Innovations HR experts Alana Bloom and Jacinta Spence discussed:

  • What is collaboration and why is it important in the workplace?
  • What challenges is the hybrid landscape presenting when it comes to effective communication and collaboration?
  • Initiatives to consider to boost connectedness.

We also provided helpful and valuable resources to use within your business.


If you know a colleague or friend that might also be interested in our webinar, please send them the following Recording Link.

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