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Key HR and Employment Law Trends for 2024


In the fast-changing world of business and employment management, 2024 is expected to bring big changes, especially in the area of HR and Employment Law.

In this webinar, Employment Innovations Head of HR Alana Bloom and Head of Legal & Professional Services, Simon Obee gather and discuss the most important HR trends we’ll see in the coming year.


Simon and Alana discussed the following topics:

  • The positive duty to eliminate sexual harassment;
  • The prohibition on renewing a fixed-term contract more than once;
  • Proposed changes under the Closing Loopholes Bill;
  • Continued skills shortages putting ongoing pressure on recruitment & talent management;
  • The rise of data-driven HR;
  • and much more.

If you know a colleague or friend that might also be interested in our webinar, please send them the following Recording link.


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