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March 2023

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“The business is amazing. Everything is online. Georgia is accessible whenever I need it. I can get emails of updates, templates whenever. It’s incredible.”



PROEKT, an innovative architectural firm founded a decade ago, embarking on a unique journey in the world of design and architecture. The company initially began as a venture without a comprehensive understanding of business operations, particularly in areas like HR and legislation. With a primary focus on creativity and design, the firm grappled with the challenges of running a business efficiently, lacking the professional skills needed for employee psychology, compliance, and employment law. 

PROEKT has successfully undertaken a diverse range of projects, from high-end residential homes, to commercial restaurant fit outs and Multi-million dollar tourism projects. Their projects extend internationally, with an office in Singapore. The firm has encountered issues such as performance improvement and disciplinary concerns.  

Prior to implementing HR Connect, the firm navigated its operations by having open discussions with employees yet felt a sense of blindness due to a lack of clarity on both their and their employees’ rights. The introduction of EI marked a transformative phase in their approach to managing the business, providing a more informed and structured framework for addressing workplace challenges. 


PROEKT, while thriving in the architectural and design industry, faced many challenges as they grew, highlighting the complexities that come with managing a business. As they expanded, they encountered difficulties in handling internal matters, particularly around performance management. Despite having legally binding contracts, they lacked the knowledge on how to navigate intricate situations within the office environment.

The decision to seek external assistance led them to Employment Innovations, where they found a reliable partner in HR Connect. The pivotal factor in choosing EI was the legal assistance service, comprehensive templates, and the assurance of having expert guidance available at any time. Navigating the intricate web of HR law, contract law, and procedures became less daunting with the support of knowledgeable professionals.

The small business environment made every decision critical, and PROEKT found solace in the fact that they could turn to HR Connect for advice and strategic solutions. The challenges they faced were met head-on with the assistance of HR Connect, providing PROEKT with the confidence that they had the necessary tools and guidance to protect their business and foster a close-knit team striving for common goals.


Since integrating HR Connect into their operations, PROEKT has experienced a transformative shift in how they manage their business, navigating legal complexities and ensuring a smooth operational flow. With the comprehensive support provided by HR Connect, PROEKT’s founder expresses the invaluable nature of having all necessary information and advice readily available. The ability to run the business without being burdened by the intricacies of contract and template law has provided a sense of security and confidence. 

PROEKT highlights the continuous guidance received from HR Connect in various situations, be it disciplinary matters or contract-related queries. The wealth of templates and resources at their disposal allows them to approach business operations with clarity and efficiency. Feedback on policies and procedures, coupled with updates on regulations, has proven to be immensely helpful, creating a seamless and informed environment for both employers and employees. The integration of performance management has facilitated upskilling processes, ensuring a fair and supportive culture, and maintaining compliance. This approach also serves as a learning curve for the company, allowing them to establish clearer expectations during employee onboarding. 

Reflecting on the past five years, PROEKT acknowledges the frightful prospect of managing conversations, hires, and dismissals without the support of EI and HR Connect. The nervousness before meetings is eased by the facts and guidance provided by EI, enabling a more confident and practical approach to people management. PROEKT now feels better equipped to spot potential issues before they escalate, ensuring that employees contribute positively to the team and the overall success of the business. Overall, PROEKT ‘s partnership with Employment Innovations and HR Connect has become an essential pillar in their business strategy, providing them with the tools and support needed to navigate the complexities of employment law and people management. 

“The business is amazing. Everything is online. Georgia is accessible whenever I need it. I can get emails of updates, templates whenever. It’s incredible.”