Our award interpretation engine is a powerful extension of our outsourced payroll service and HR and payroll software that automatically calculates pays across penalty rates, overtime rules and conditional allowances from raw timesheet data.

The engine is flexible and designed in such a way that it is able to handle most existing and likely future employment conditions included in Modern Awards, individual contracts and enterprise agreements. Even If your business is covered by multiple Awards, or an enterprise agreement, we can build in the applicable pay rules to streamline the payroll process and take your headaches away. Furthermore, a relationship with Employment Innovations means your Modern Award configuration is always up to date and compliant.

We have the largest library of Modern Award interpretation in Australia, backed by our workplace lawyers, and have existing configurations for the following Modern Awards currently available:

Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services Award
Amusement, Events and Recreation Award
Animal Care and Veterinary Services Award
Banking, Finance and Insurance Award)
Business Equipment Award
Children’s Services Award
Cleaning Services Award
Clerks Private Sector Award
Education Services (Teachers) Award
Electrical, Electronic and Communications Contracting Award
Fast Food Industry Award
Fitness Industry Award
Food, Beverage and Tobacco Manufacturing Award
Gardening and Landscaping Services Award
General Retail Industry Award
Hair and Beauty Industry Award
Health Professionals and Support Services Award
Horticultural Award
Hospitality Industry (General) Award
Joinery and Building Trades Award
Manufacturing and Associated Industries and Occupations Award
Meat Industry Award
Miscellaneous Award
Nurses Award
Pastoral Award
Pharmacy Industry Award
Professional Employees Award
Racing Clubs Events Award
Racing Industry Ground Maintenance Award
Registered and Licensed Clubs Award
Restaurant Industry Award
Road Transport and Distribution Award
Road Transport (Long Distance Operations) Award
Social, Community, Home Care and Disability Services Industry Award
Storage Services and Wholesale Award
Wine Industry Award

If your Modern Award is not on this list or if you have an enterprise agreement we can build it for you!